this webpage is our key platform for issuing up-to-date information about changes due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the university and our plans for recovery. 

there are a range of Q&As below, broken down by category including the latest information for parents, carers and teachers. those specifically for our staff and current students are held on their respective intranet sites, so are not in the public domain. 


coronavirus: uk government advice

the government will continue to monitor the spread of coronavirus and take further action as needed. you can find the latest information and advice on coronavirus and the latest guidance for educational settings on the website.

returning to campus safely

here in swansea our campus teams have been working hard to put in place safety measures in readiness for staff and students returning to campus. the video will show you more about them.

there is additional health and safety guidance and mandatory induction training in place for our staff and postgraduate students.  these are on our staff and myuni intranets.